Miniature Shame Golf

I’ve seen people doing things like #hobbystreak to stay motivated painting large armies. Personally I feel you shouldn’t force yourself to do a hobby or else it will become work.

During Dana Howl’s pile of shame video I came to the realisation that while I do not suffer from FOMO for most limited things, I do suffer from Deal FOMO. If I know something is a good deal and it is something I want down the line. I will buy it and sit it to one side. This has led to me losing interest before getting round to things and they never get made/painted.

When Dana said she would do a video on the system she is using to reduce her pile of shame, I thought it would be a #hobbystreak video. But instead it turned out to be a system to motivate you to paint what you have, and stop buying as much.

The video is down below.

This seems great for me so I’m going to do it starting from 15th June.

Summary of points

  • +1 Buying a model.
  • Bonus +5 buying a unit of 1-10 within 30 days of release.
  • Bonus +20 buying a unit of 11-30 within 30 days of release.
  • Bonus +30 Buying a new starter set within 30 days of release.
  • -1 Finishing or selling a model
  • Bonus -1 Completing a unit.
  • Bonus -5 Completing a start collecting or faction box
  • Bonus -20 Completing a starter set.

So where do I stand right now?

  • +60 for 60 minis in Age of Sigmar Dominion
  • +30 for buying a starter set within 30 days of release
  • -5 for painting the banshee and wraith unit
  • -1 Unit bonus on wraith unit
  • +1 metal Wight I got on eBay
  • -1 painted 1 model for my Forbidden Psalms warband.

So that puts me at 84 for the summer season.

BUT I have some stuff on the way from ebay.

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