Dark Shadows over Hysh: Part II

Completed models since the last post:

Since the last post I completed the first unit of 10 Black Knights. I decided early on I wanted it to be a bit more uniformed than Black Knight models usually are. I managed to give 7 out of 10 of them the same winged helmet, just leaving the command group without. I also gave them all Tomb King shields. This means they all have similar looking shields, as well as looking a bit more effective than the small odd shaped shields in the Black Knights set. I painted them up with simple heraldry designs and think it works quite well.

I also stripped and painted 10 more skeletons for skelly squad 1, bringing it to 30 skeletons. I went with a simple castle banner for this unit.

And I made and painted a Wraith unit led by Banshee for use in fantasy using a Myrmourn Banshee and 4 Grimghast reapers.

Currently Working on:

I started going though some of the extra cursed city models I bought on ebay and converting them to be used in the army.

Bat Swarms

As bat swarms are no longer in AOS I decided to put them on square bases for simplicity. These will only get used in games of Fantasy.

Zombie Ogre unit.

I love these models. I’m not sure what they will be run as in AOS, but in Fantasy they will make great Crypt Horrors. I converted the Champion(Crypt Hunter) with an orc skull, an ogre weapon and a sarcophagus lid from the Garden of Morr (sigmarite mausoleum) set. I made them a movment tray using plasticard to make them simple to use in Fantasy

Bennard Collins First Wight Of Phoenix Port.

When it became clear the forces of destruction would be besieging the city of Phoenix Port before the majority of city’s army would return, Angelique suggested something that shocked the royal court. She told them of magicks common in her land that would allow them to call on the city’s ancestors to help defend it. If there had been any other options the lords and ladies of the court would have questioned this more, but they all knew the city would fall without help.

The great hero, Bennard Collins, was chosen to lead the army of awoken ancestors against the greenskins. While he has been dead for over 400 years, the history books were littered with accounts of his great leadership winning him battle after battle. He managed to lead not only the dead, but also the living to a decisive victory in only 3 hours.

After the battle Bennard took his place at the head of House Collins. Few would try to argue that the founder of the great house should not be in charge now he walked among the living again.

I had already made this before the last post, but forgot to show it off then. Not to toot my own horn, but I love this model. Thinking about painting him similar to this guy on the 4th Undead book cover with gold ornate armour.

Golden fancy boy

Blood Knights

The only model set I got from the new Soulblight release. Their large bases cause issues with fantasy, so I decided to try magnetizing one to it’s base to see if it would work. It’s a lot of work (and green stuff) but seems worth it. Once I get a chance I’ll repeat the work on all the others.

New Purchases:

I cant resist a good ebay deal and ended up getting 45 more skellies on square bases.

Also lots of Tomb Kings bits on ebay.

And I got this as a birthday treat to myself. It’s a 3 up skeleton from Heresy Miniatures.

Currently in my paint queue for this project is:

  • 1 necromancer.
  • 2 Wight kings.
  • 20 sword and sheild 2010 skellies.
  • 10 Graveguard.
  • 5 Blood Knights.
  • 3 bat swarms
  • 6 zombie ogres

Needing paint stripped:

  • 10 2010’s sword and shield skellies.
  • 20ish 1990’s plastic zombies.
  • 45 skellies on square bases.
  • Metal Black Coach


  • Mortarch on Dread Abyssal
  • Cursed city stuff
  • +Far too much to list, and some may end up resold.

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